Xlibris Agreement

UPDATE, OCTOBER 18, 2015: Today, I checked the IUniverse and AuthorHouse websites to see if they made any changes to their form of publication agreement. Yes, they did. While their old form gave them the right to continue selling your book on a non-exclusive basis for a year, the new form changed that into a 90-day period. Indeed, the beginning of section 9.3 of our agreement also requires us to inform our dealers to delete the books of licensed authors within thirty (30) days following the author`s request, and we do so consistently. My name is Trevor Freestone. I signed up on 3.6.2020 with a self-publishing agreement under Jake`s direction. I was told that the measures would begin almost immediately. Nothing has happened since. I ask what steps have been taken and, if nothing is done, I can terminate the agreement, I am not sure who Jake is or what the terms of your legal agreement are, or what company you are referring to. I suggest you consult a lawyer if you have signed up for a service and you do not get what you have signed up for.

We do not offer commercial services here. Chicago, Illinois, and Emeryville, California – December 5, 2019. Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to acquire innovators, a leading provider of integrated libraries for public, academic and specialized libraries. Innovation is becoming an area of activity within Ex Libris. The innovative products that customers have been relying on for many years continue to be supported and improved. 18. Otherwise in the event that a provision of the terms of use is in conflict with the law under which the terms of use must be interpreted or if such provisions are invalidated by a court competent for the parties to the terms of use, that provision is reinstated as reflecting as far as possible the original intentions of the parties in accordance with the applicable law. , and the rest of these Terms of Use remain fully in effect. The failure of one party to insist on the other party`s strict adherence to a provision of the terms of use or to exercise a right in accordance with the terms of use is not construed as a waiver or waiver of that party`s right to assert or assert such a provision or right in this case or in another case. but the same will and will remain fully in force and depending on its effects. Xlibris may surrender its rights and obligations under these Terms of Use and, in the case of such an assignment, Xlibris may be relieved of any other obligation under these Terms of Use.

You represent at Xlibris that you have the right to register with Xlibris under these Terms of Use. These terms of use and all additional conditions (such as these conditions are identified when published by Xlibris on Xlibris) constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this Agreement and replace all previous agreements and agreements. Any legally unenforceable provisions of these Terms of Use will be removed or amended when choosing Xlibris to correct the defect, regardless of whether the remainder of these terms of use remain valid and enforceable. The provision of our agreement only provides protection to us and our retailers, given the time it will take them to remove a book, even though we have complied with their specific notification procedures and have even requested them more than once. After all, according to the agreement, our authors can take their manuscript to another location at any time after the termination – to choose with whom they decide, regardless of the dealer`s delay.

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