Morgan Stanley Debit Card Agreement

American Express can share your card account information with Morgan Stanley to support Morgan Stanley programs and services. For more information on how Morgan Stanley will use your account data, visit For more information on CashPlus, see: Mastercard Benefits after J.C., see Experian`s Get Identity and Credit Protection, including 3-Office monthly credits, real-time credit warnings and more. Plus, extended warranty, satisfaction guarantee, and Price Protection from Mastercard3 with the Morgan Stanley Debit Card. Prevent unauthorized purchases or withdrawals if your card fails temporarily. Media Work: Christine Jockle, 914.225.6827, With the Stanley Debit Card Morgan, you can view more than 2 million ATMs worldwide that display the logos of Mastercard®, Maestro® and STAR®, shop and access money. To order your debit card, log into your Morgan Stanley Online account and select debit cards under the Services tab. Certain conditions, restrictions and exclusions apply. For more information, please see morgan Stanley`s debit card terms and conditions at Mastercard®, Maestro® and Cirrus® are registered trademarks and district design is a trademark for Mastercard International Incorporated. Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) is a global leader in financial services, managing investment banking, securities, asset management and investment management. With branches in more than 41 countries, the company`s employees serve customers around the world, including businesses, governments, institutions and individuals.

For more information about Morgan Stanley, visit With Morgan Stanley Online and the Morgan Stanley Mobile app, access your money from banks or distributors that accept Mastercard® and manage your money on the go.

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