Como Se Dice Listing Agreement En Espanol

IBI (land tax): Municipal annual tax identification: ID Faithful image: fair presentation; See true and fair Other effects: non-contestable amount Recoverable amount Transfer tax: transfer tax Current tax on documented deeds: Stamp duty: Documented acts Property tax, x% of the amount declared to tax on works: Construction tax, installation and works: Tax on construction and installation. Inheritance tax: wealth tax Income tax: Income tax: Inheritance tax and donations: Residence tax Property taxes: Property taxes: Income tax: Income tax: Income tax But not disclosed: Product, but not declared (IBNR) Compensation: Compensation: Real Estate Index Inflation: Inflation Major Influence : Major Influence Information: Disclosure Additional Information: Ancillary Information Comparison Information: Additional Information Intermediate Information Partial Financial Information Sectoral Information Financial Information: Non-financial information Segment Non-financial Information Pro-forma Information: Pro-forma Information: Department of Planning Final Report: Credit Report: Credit Report: Directors` Report Appraisal report Gross Income: Gross Income Latent Incomes: Latent Incomes Latent Products Ordinary Products: Seasonal Income Income Income: Property, investments, investments and leasing; Tenants Location: Tenant; Tenants Bankruptcies: Bad Debts Termite Inspection Inspection Inspector: Home Inspector Heirs Institution: Heir`s Name Mortgage Credit Institution: Mortgage Banks: Mortgage Banks: Mortgage Banks Collective Investment Institutions: Mutual Funds Financial Institutions: Qualify financial institutions Hedging Instruments: Composite Financial Instruments Hybrid Instruments: Hybrid Financial Instruments: Vertically Integrated Hybrid Instruments: Interests : Breakdown of the interests of hedging accounting: Stop the hedging accounting Interruptions: Adjustment interval interruptions Net investments in a foreign activity: net investments in a foreign operation Real estate investments: Investments held up to their maturity Investments held in trading: Hero-for-trading-investments Research and development: Research and development IRPF:

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